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Dental Month is Back!

That’s right everybody dental month is back ! If your pet comes in for a dental cleaning during the month of February you will receive a $35 discount off the cost of the dental cleaning, and a dental kit (values at around $10).  Spots are limited so please give us a call if you would like to make an appointment. Here is a sample of a before and after picture from one of our dental cleaning.

Pre dental cleaning Post dental cleaning

Dental Month Starts February 1st !

Ok mark your calendars Dental Month is right around the corner. Here is a sample of the dental report we send home with your pet. Call us today find out how you can save on your pet’s dental cleaning.


Dental Month :)

Dental month is back again, we had such an overwhelming response to dental month this year we decided to bring it back. During the month of September we will be offering a $35 discount off the cost of the dental cleaning, and a dental care kit will be sent home (around a $15 value). The schedule will be open with-in the next 2 weeks, so be sure to sign up early as the space is limited. 

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Plan Ahead Dental

Ask us for more information about our P.A.D Program

Ok here we go we are starting a new dental savings plan called Plan Ahead Dental or PAD for short. The program is pretty simple bring you pet in about 1 month prior to the dental cleaning have one of our licensed technicians or one of our Doctors do a flip of the lip to see what stage your pet’s dental cleaning would be so we can make you an accurate estimate. Draw the pre-op lab work at that time (sending out blood work is less expensive than if we run it in-house). Then when you book the dental cleaning with-in 30 days of running the lab work a $10 discount is added off the price of the cleaning. It might not sound like a lot, but sending the lab work out does save quite a bit of money. Give us a call or stop on by for more information. Remember we will be announcing the next big dental deal in Mid-July.