Dear Santa,

This is my first Christmas and being as my Mommy always calls me her Princess I’m expecting that you will give me gweneverything I want, just like my Mommy does. My first demand would be for more Door Knob Rattle Rings. They are perfect for when my Daddy’s being lazy and I need to entertain myself. Second, I demand a Pogo Plush Spider toy. It’s a big furry one that I can rabbit kick. It even squeaks when I bite it, which is very satisfying. Third, I demand more cans of the Royal Canin GCG_DoorHanger_RattleRing_1080011404_InPkgKitten Development. My Mommy says its good for my growth and nutrition, I say it taste good so I demand it. Also if you could bring me a different name, no one can ever seem to pronounce my name right. I was thinking something along of the lines of Queen Hunting Cat Panther. Last but not least, I demand as many Jingly-Balls as you can fit into that sack of yours. My Mommy says if I start being a little less demanding she will make sure you give her all these items to bring home with her from work. I told her I couldn’t make any promises but I said I’d try not biting her and her co-workers when they are trying to trim my nails… though I still plan on complaining the whole time.

Love Guenhwyvar

Yes Santa I know your wondering… Its pronounced “GUEN-AH-HAR”