Dear Santa,

Thank you so much for my Christmas presents! My favorite toy is the Fleecy Tug. Mom and I will play tug-of-war forcora hours, plus she loves how it cleans my teeth and gums. I love how it doesn’t hurt my teeth when we play. I also love, love, love the Kibble Nibble activity ball. When my mommy leaves she fills it full of my favorite treats the Buddy & Berries. It helps me forget that I am by myself during the day as I try to figure out how to get the treats out. My little sister Zima also wants to say thanks she is still a puppy BB_KIBNIB_XSthough and doesn’t know how to use our Mommy’s computer. She really likes the Roly Rope her and Dad play with it all the time and since she is still a pup it helps her with her teething. My cat sister Samantha says thanks for the Salmon Flavored Feline Pill Pockets; she doesn’t even know Mom puts her medicine inside…. Hehehe. Thanks again Big Guy, you will make Christmas really special for my whole family this year!



PS Could you have Mom pick up some more Greenies? She gives us one every night to freshen our breath and keep our teeth clean. I know there aren’t enough  to last until next Christmas.