Dear Santa,

Well Santa, this is my first Christmas and I’m really not sure how this whole “being good thing” works. I really want a new catbandit tree because I have completely destroyed my other one and my mom just isn’t seeing eye to eye with me. I stock her around the house, bite at her feet, wrap myself around her ankles and then run over to my cat tree just trying to get her attention to that torn up mess, but I think she misinterprets my signals. My brother Marley has told me I need to be nice to him in order to get a present from you. I really don’t treeh2think waiting for him to walk up the stairs, then grabbing at his tail is that mean? I’m not really sure where these acts falls on your naughty or nice list, but I was thinking you could probably make an exception 😉 All in all Santa, no matter what my mom or brother Marley may say about me… don’t listen, they just don’t understand me.

Yours Truly,

Bandit (The Terrorist)… Just a little knick name my mother so kindly gave me.

P.S. Deep down I’m an angel, that’s what my Grandma tells me anyway.