Dear Santa,_DSC9507
The 2 legged boys in my house have been talking about you and it sounds like you grant many wishes and dreams! I am hoping to ask for just a few things, so here it goes… First and foremost, I am hoping you can replace my tail.  Yep, that’s right – I suffered a horrible accident before my parents rescued me – and it caused many injuries including a broken tail.  My mom, the vet, was forced to amputate it.  Not sure where it went, but I was hoping with some magic, you could help me out.  To go along with that tail, I really need some glucoasmine – it helps with both my arthritis and my bladder problems.  I think 51qSkdmy9QL._SY300_it’s called Dasuquin – you know, the capsules that my parents can open up and sprinkle over my food.  It really helps, and doesn’t even taste bad! (My mom has given me some horrible tasting medicine in the past).  And if you have room in that red sack of presents of yours, I really like those catnip mice – it makes me just a little crazy, but it makes everyone laugh too!
Thanks so much Santa – I promise to be a good boy!