Dear Santa,

I know I have been such a good boy this year, only chasing my kitties a few times and getting into the trash only once this year.  Not to mention 418105_327746543933165_36407820_nthat everyone at Baring Blvd Veterinary Hospital tells me what a good boy I am.  I would not listen to what my mommy says if I were you, she is only 1 person after all!  So for Christmas this year I would really like a bottle of Dasuquin.  Now that two ACL repairs are under my belt this year I could use it for any arthritis that will be sure to come and they taste so much better 13012_001_xlthan the regular gluclosemine pills.  Plus Dr. Luchetti says it would be good for me to be on it.  With all the right nutrients in them I could be running in the fields again by the summer time… yay!  I promise with my new and improved knees that I will only chase my kitties once a month and keep the jumping on the bed to a minimum.

With lots of Love,


P.S.- If you could use your magical powers to make Jinxy love me I would appreciate that as well.  All I want to do is cuddle with her but for some reason she does not like me.  Which prompts me to chase her.