Dear Santa,

sierra                   I have been the most well behaved little girl in the world! This Christmas I would love, love, love some new toys. I really want ones that I can chew on all day like the new Everlasting Treat Ball and the Kong Tug Toy. These toys look like so much fun Santa, I can’t wait to have a toy that I can chew on and it stay in one piece. I also saw some liver treats that you can put inside that look delicious! I play with my toys now and throw them around the house and my Dad freaks out and says take that kong_tug_toyoutside because if you break my TV Santa won’t bring you anything this year. So it would be nice if I get the Kong Tug so that I can play tug of war with my brother and drag him all over the house.

Lots of Licks,

Sierra Jade