Dear Santa,


I just wanted to say thank you for all the presents you got me last year.

They were really awesome and I think this year if it’s ok with you I would just like some of them again. I know I can be one tough dog to shop for since I have skin allergies of all kinds. I was thinking that maybe this year I would ask for some hypoallergenic Pill Pockets. They make taking my medication much easier when it is tasty. I really liked the 23761_001_xlVeggidents you gave me and my sister last year, they didn’t hurt my tummy and they were fun to chew on (especially when I stole them from my sister). Make sure you try some of the cookies we are going to leave you. They are Lean Treats and are one of my favorites. If there is a little slobber on them don’t worry it’s from me, and it’s only because they are so good.…. Trust me 😉

Thanks Santa You Are the Best!

Petie dog-paw-print-with-border