Dear Santa,rylee

Its tough being a Beagle these days, Mom took me to work with her the other day and I saw so many toys on the front shelves that I wanted for Christmas. I have been trying to be a good girl this year, but it’s hard when the cats seem to get away with everything. What I want for Christmas more then Treat-Balls-3anything in the whole wide world is an Everlasting Treat Ball. My friend Hannah has one and I want one so bad. She plays with hers for hours and she says that have tasty treats for the inside like Chicken or Liver (I don’t want liver. Yuck). I am hoping my Mommy will put some peanut butter in mine. Well Santa I promise to try harder next year, and will listen to my Mom when she tells me to get off the couch, and to not chase the cats.


Rylee Jean

PS if you want you could bring the cats some of those crinkle toys they like those. I promise not to steal them for myself *wink* *wink*.