1. Don’t leave uncooked turkey unattended on the kitchen counter – the smell is too tempting for your dog. Raw meat can contain harmful bacteria, and turkey bones could either choke your dog or break/splinter while they are eating them. Broken bones can tear, or get stuck in, any part of your dog’s gastrointestinal tract as they work their way through his system;
2. Once you’ve cooked your turkey, and before you sit down to eat, clear away all the wrappings such as tin foil, string and meat skewers – they are all potential hazards for your dog;
3. If you put the wrappings/ dripping in the bin or trash can, make sure the lid is on firmly. The grease goodness is a very tempting treat for dogs. While it might taste good it can be very harmful to their digestive system and pancreas. If you aren’t going to be taking the trash out for awhile try putting some bricks on the bin lid to keep out persistent foragers!
4. Prepare a turkey treat for your dog that they can eat whilst you are having your meal – a kong stuffed with white turkey meat and dried kibble will keep them busy. If your dog’s in the room with you, you know that they aren’t up to turkey mischief in the kitchen. However, once they finished their treat, don’t give in to any begging.
5. A tired dog is a good dog. Try and give you dog a good energetic walk in the morning,                          something that’s mentally and physically stimulating. That way they’ll be more inclined to sleep or at least lie quietly whilst you are preparing and eating your turkey roast – particularly if you give them their favorite toy to keep them busy!