All too many times I see through our clinic the fear, worry and hurt caused by pets getting loose and the affects and injuries that come from these scary events.  All of our hearts go out to the pets and the families that have to endure these times.  Recently, my own family had to go through that same fear.  We were awakened early in the morning with the message that our two dogs, Phil and Tater had gotten out through a gate that had been left open.  My heart sank when the message told us that Tater had been hit by a truck and his leg was seriously injured.  Luckily, both of them had been brought to the Animal Emergency Center and both of them were in stable condition.  Thankfully they had on ID collars and microchips and we were able to be found so promptly.  As soon as we heard, we rushed down to the emergency clinic to get our scared little family.  Phil was just fine, a little tired and happy to see our family, but Tater was very banged up.  He had a torn medial collateral ligament and a couple small talar fractures in his hock (ankle).  His injuries needed surgery and the procedure was going to be a very complicated one.  We brought him up to see the boarded veterinary surgeons at Sierra Veterinary Specialists, who were able to squeeze us in for surgery that same day.  Following his surgery, Tater had to spend a night in the hospital and has been back in and out of BBVH every day for laser treatments, splint and cast changes, and has been on four different medications.  He has been a wonderful patient, very tolerant of having to stay in his dog crate, so good about walking with a sling, and great about taking his medications.  He has a long road ahead of him, but has taken so many good steps so far.  We are confident that because of all the wonderful care he will make a near 100% recovery.

This is not the first time I’ve had to work on my own pets, and unfortunately I know it won’t be the last.  Still, being on this side of the treatments is always a good reminder of how much work and emotion it takes for families and pets to make it through these tribulations.  I am so thankful for how far veterinary medicine has evolved and the capabilities that we have to help Tater make such a good recovery.  He received top notch emergency care and flawless surgical correction.  We are proud at BBVH to have such capabilities to provide him the pain management to keep him comfortable, the medical abilities to prevent complications, the Class IV cold laser therapy to expedite his internal and wound healing, and the wonderful staff that has made his bandage and wound management so easy.

My family would like to extend an enormous thank you from the bottom of our hearts to a number of people:

 The staff at BBVH for all of your wonderful care and emotional support.  I get to see you all in action every day and know that you give your all to every patient, but being again on this side of the treatments, it is a good reminder of how important and appreciated all of your efforts are.

Dr. Davyd Pelsue and the staff of Sierra Veterinary Specialists.  Your prompt service, caring, and expertise have undoubtedly changed how Tater will spend the rest of his life.

Dr. Jim Nelson and the staff of the Animal Emergency Center.  In their time of biggest need and most fear, it is reassuring to know that our furry family was in such wonderful care.

To the selfless family that rescued our puppies.  You guys are so humble and so out of respect I haven’t named you here, but you know who you are.  It tears us up inside to think what might have happened if your incredible daughter hadn’t spotted our dogs and if you all hadn’t gone so far out of your way to help them.  Eternally thank you.