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Bella is a very happy 4 1/2-year-old boxer that had to move from the mid-West right after having surgery for a Mast Cell Tumor.
With Mast Cell Tumors you must make a very wide cut to insure getting good margins and leaving no cancer cells behind. Bella’s incision was a nice wide cut insuring nothing was left, but unfortunately the incision site dehisced or did hold the sutures. When she came to us there was not enough tissue available to close the site back surgically, so we elected to use Laser therapy, bandaging and allow it to granulate in.
Normally this would not be considered with a tumor removal, but with the grade of the tumor and the margins achieved, it was determined that it would be safe to Laser the site and speed healing.
Bella’s owners were incredibly dedicated to her care, bringing her in for regular treatments three times a week and doing regular bandage changes at home.
Bella is an angel and we are all so happy with her outcome, but miss seeing her smiling face on a regular basis.

Written By: Christina Johnson, LVT