The Reality Of The Temperature Inside a Car  

By: Cora and Lauren

 As summer temperatures heat up, so do the risks of heat stroke in your pet. Many of us want to include our dogs in our summer activities, but what we don’t realize is a couple minutes in a car while we run into the store can be like sitting in an oven for our pets. Take a look at some interesting fact we found below.  

1.It might only be 82° degrees outside, but did you know that the inside of an enclosed car whether in the shade or the direct sun the temperature can reach up to 109°!

2. What if I crack open the windows??? If it’s 84° it still gets up to 98°.

  1. If its a 100° in a closed car it’s a 117° inside, if the windows are cracked its still a 114°.
  2. Heat stroke does not occur at a certain temperature. It happens when the dog’s body can no longer regulate it’s normal functions and as a result it’s temperature starts to rise.
  3. If a pet is locked in a car and the Police, Animal Services, or a concerned citizen rescues the pet,  the fines start at $100.
  4. If a pet is locked in a car and requires veterinary care, Animal Services can cite you under NRS with fines leading up to $630.

All in all the summer is an amazing season full of fun things to do with the whole family. Just be sure to plan ahead if your pet is going along, and to always bring fresh water. If you see a dog inside a car do not hesitate to call Animal Services @ 353-8900.

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