Tips for Starting Weight Loss in Dogs

By: Dr. Jackie Pulver

Obesity is one of the fastest growing diseases in pets. Over 50% of pets in the United States are now considered overweight. While we might think its hard to lose weight for ourselves, it is even tougher on our 4 legged friends. Below are some tips to help prevent weight gain.  If you ever think that your pet is having trouble with their weight and have tried these steps please contact the office and we will see about setting your pet up with an exam to further diagnosis the issue.

• Use a measuring cup to measure the amount of food being given at each meal-the amount of food recommended for the pet’s size and lifestyle may be discussed with your veterinarian.

• Make certain that a designated person is responsible for feeding the pet-this will prevent “accidental” overfeeding.

• Decrease or eliminate treats-consider giving ½ of normal treat or use baby carrots for treats.• Eliminate feeding table scraps.

• Make certain that the pet is not sneaking or stealing food from other pets in the household.

• Discuss starting a decreased calorie food with your veterinarian.

• Add exercise to the pet’s daily routine-even multiple small walks will make a difference.

• Weigh the pet on the same scale every 2-3 weeks to see gradual progress.