This year we have already seen 2 dogs that have had run ins with rattlesnakes. Below is some information from the Nevada Wildlife Federation regarding classes and training.

Dogs who hike, hunt, camp, or live in rural areas may be at risk of rattlesnake bites, especially in the summertime. Rattlesnakes are prolific throughout the Great Basin, and without emergency treatment, dogs can die from a rattlesnake bite. The benefits of training are obvious for dogs, but they are significant for dog owners too. The dog’s reaction to detecting a rattlesnake can signal owners to avoid the snake, and training may also save pet owners a hefty vet bill; bitten dogs must be treated right away with several days in the hospital, and a vet bill that can be unexpected.

Classes for 2012 are offered June 16 and 17, and July 7 and 8 at Davis Creek Park. Training appointments can be scheduled throughout the day beginning at 8am. For more information on prices and registration please go to