Ask us for more information about our P.A.D Program

Ok here we go we are starting a new dental savings plan called Plan Ahead Dental or PAD for short. The program is pretty simple bring you pet in about 1 month prior to the dental cleaning have one of our licensed technicians or one of our Doctors do a flip of the lip to see what stage your pet’s dental cleaning would be so we can make you an accurate estimate. Draw the pre-op lab work at that time (sending out blood work is less expensive than if we run it in-house). Then when you book the dental cleaning with-in 30 days of running the lab work a $10 discount is added off the price of the cleaning. It might not sound like a lot, but sending the lab work out does save quite a bit of money. Give us a call or stop on by for more information. Remember we will be announcing the next big dental deal in Mid-July.