Here is the final 3 in our Holiday Hazards series hope these tips help.

* The Christmas tree is full of hazards for dogs and cats. Tinsel or ornaments can be appealing, but if ingested, it can twist up in the intestines. This is a particular danger to cats and kittens, which seem to find tinsel, yarn, ribbon, and string tempting to eat. Make sure Christmas lights and electrical cords are out of reach of your pet and child because we all know electric shock can be deadly.

* With the weather getting colder another thing to keep in mind is antifreeze ingestion. It has a sweet taste that will often be very inviting to dogs/cats. Even ingesting very small amounts (teaspoons to tablespoons) can cause acute kidney failure. Signs of antifreeze ingestion vary but can include drunken-like behavior, vomiting, increased, drinking and urinating, eventually followed by no urine production. Delaying treatment by even a few hours can be the difference between life and death, so if you think there is a chance that your pet got into any, please take them to your veterinarian immediately.